Communication Showcase

Case Study

Military defence projects. Scalable distributed embedded architecture, voice and data intercom system for military vehicles with radio and Ethernet interfaces supporting IP-based VoIP/SIP and IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

In a multi-threaded RTOS embedded C environment, we worked predominantly on the development of new application features, protocol middleware, device drivers, integration and fault rectification tasks for Cobham’s new VIS-X/TACG2 range of vehicle products.

• Integration of Real Time Logic’s Barracuda App Server/Web Server onto multiple platforms
• Definition, design and development of several hardware interface device drivers including, proprietary FPGA provided functionality, Ethernet, proprietary highway synchronous serial interface, external RS232 serial interface, LCD display, IIC and LCD user interface
• Requirements capture, design, development and test of an embedded HTTP based network remote control protocol using RESTful techniques. Coded in LUA and C
• Systems requirements capture, design , development and integration of a PPP stack for operation over multiple serial ports
• System and product level defect resolution
• Design and development of several C# based applications and tools

The embedded software was developed using multi-threaded techniques and utilised:

• C programming, some LUA scripting and C#
• Source Insight and Eclipse for editing, debugging and static analysis
• Development of C code to the MISRA coding standard
• Altera FPGA /PowerPC core and NIOS 2 SDK
• Xilinx FPGA/ PowerPC core and SDK
• ThreadX Real Time Operating System, multiple threads, event and mutex usage
• Serial standards RS232, IIC and SPI
• Ethernet, PPP, IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, NAT and HTML
• JSON and XML data processing and interchange
• Code Composer 3.3, TMS320C55 DSP
• Visual Studio
• Subversion SVN with Tortoise client
• On-Time and JIRA task and defect tracking tools
• Code Collaborator for peer reviews