Assisted Living Future Tech

Case Study

Voice control using speech engine to demonstrate radio broadcast selection and switching applications such as light control via voice control. We subsequently moved the project over to Amazon Alexa for an assistant based approach.

Peer to peer networked product using Alljoyn. Replaces a previous master / slave unit architecture with an architecture that individual product elements can be added and removed at any time. Each product element is aware of every other element in the system and maintains real-time status of those elements.

Projects used Linux (Debian) on BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi as a precursor to moving to the company’s existing ARM based hardware running Linux.

Development environment:
• Embedded Java using Netbeans 8, Oracle JDK 8 and Object Oriented techniques
• Python, Bash, JavaScript on Node.js scripting
• Embedded C for test applications.
• Ubuntu desktop running on VmWare virtual machine
• Arm v7, Debian linux
• Agile under Visual Studio Team Services
• Git